The Best Opencart Extensions for SEO

Opencart out of the box is pretty bad for SEO. Urls aren't optimised, canonical links are wrong, and filters can create big problems! And while you could customise each feature by hand, buying an extension will save you time and…

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Ecommerce Site Structure, Urls & Topics

Structuring an ecommerce website should be easy right? Just take all of your product categories, make a page for each, add the products to each one, and you're done... Well not exactly. Common issues such as keyword cannibalisation can occur…

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What Is SEO And How Can You Use It For Your Business?

What is SEO?

Ever wanted to learn about what this SEO thing actually was? Perhaps you were scared off by the jargon, or simply didn't find an article that clearly explained the basics? Well fear not, click here to find out what SEO is, in a simple and easy to consume explanation.
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