new uk keyword data in ahrefs

Ahrefs Imports New UK Keyword Data

Ahrefs has imported a whole new range of keyword data into their tool for the United Kingdom. This comes after their USA data received an influx of new keywords a couple of months ago. These changes are likely powered (at…

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Keyword Targeting for New Websites

You're small, a new website, but you've got big dreams! You want to take on the Guardian, Wikipedia, and every Gov site on the planet. While there's nothing wrong with that, you've got to be realistic with what you're targeting,…

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Ecommerce Site Structure, Urls & Topics

Structuring an ecommerce website should be easy right? Just take all of your product categories, make a page for each, add the products to each one, and you're done... Well not exactly. Common issues such as keyword cannibalisation can occur…

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