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SEO Expert Matt Jackson – UK Based Ecommerce SEO Specialist

As a full time SEO expert working on various projects (including strategy, audits, site migrations, monthly services, and implementation) I am deep in the SEO trenches, understanding what is working now, and concentrating on what will work in the future. Search engine optimisation is a complicated business, with Google updating their algorithms multiple times per year, and penalties associated with issues such as thin content and keyword stuffing (Panda penalty) and link spam (Penguin penalty), along with other issues with Local SEO such as the Possum update.

Ecommerce SEO Services

Whether you’re located in London, Manchester, Sheffield, Leicester, Scotland, Europe, USA, Australia, or Asia, I can help you rank your website in search engines. I have a vast array of experience working with many different platforms, such as Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, WordPress, Opencart, and more. I help small – large sized business owners make more money from their websites, providing them the results they need, at a price that beats the average SEO agency. Forget social media and PPC, SEO is all about organic marketing, and once you rank number 1, it’s all free traffic from there.

Freelance SEO Specialist

My freelancer specialist SEO services are designed to give larger teams the expert knowledge to implement SEO strategies on their own, and to give smaller teams an affordable yet effective service that will keep their website growing in traffic, and turn those clicks into customers. I can assist with new websites too, offering high level keyword research, statistical content optimisation, meta tag optimisation, technical seo audits, content marketing, link building, and much more. Rank higher than your competitors, with smarter marketing campaign that generates traffic from the UK and internationally.

SEO Tools I Use

I have been refining my toolset over the years, and now the SEO tools I use are, Screaming Frog (SEO Spider and Log File Analyzer), Ahrefs, Google Search Console & Analytics, SEMrush, Website Optimizer, Page Optimizer Pro, and Pro Rank Tracker.

Shopify SEO Expert

I’ve managed multiple projects across a wide range of industries on the Shopify platform.

From CBD, to fashion, and high end luxury, I’ve had success with them all.

There are specific issues with Shopify, that if not fixed, can seriously hold you back from SEO success.

I have also got great experience managing international shopify sites using the HREFLANG tag implementation.

Opencart SEO Expert

My first ever project was with Opencart, and I know the platform and its SEO issues like the back of my hand.

The fundamental issues include how they handle canonical tags, and require external extensions to fix correctly.

I can help your Opencart website perform very well in search, using both on page and off page SEO services.

Woocommerce SEO Expert (WordPress)

WordPress is taylor made for SEO, but the Woocommerce extension has some major issues which make it a bit tricky to rank properly.

I have a vast amount of experience working on Woocommerce SEO projects, and I know the exact structure and plugin combinations to make your store rank well in search.

I’m able to provide a full scope SEO service for Woocommerce websites.

Magento SEO Expert

Some of the largest projects I’ve worked on have been built on Magento, as it’s a big CMS that’s created to manage large inventory.

The dev costs are often high, so making sure you get the SEO correct from the start is essential to avoid wasted spend.

I know the fundamental SEO issues Magento has, and can offer a full SEO service to help you rank your Magento store in Google.

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SEO Tutorials

Learn how to do it yourself, with expert in-depth SEO guides, up to date for 2019 and beyond.

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If you need an SEO specialist to identify why your website isn’t ranking, then let me consult for you.