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Shopify SEO Services That Drive Traffic & Sales

I’ve been working with Shopify clients for many years now, and I’m well aware of the SEO challenges you’ll be facing.

I can help to fix your SEO issues, and optimise your site so it can thrive in Google search results.

I do this through audits, consulting, and ongoing services.

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Working Relationships – How Can I Help You?


from £250/one time

SEO Analysis
Technical Audits
Low Competition
Keyword Cannibalisation
Market Research
Smaller Projects


from £450/month

Long Term Growth
SEO Audit/implementation
Link Building
Content Marketing
Ecommerce SEO
Google Update Analysis
Local SEO
Monthly Reporting



SEO investigations
Reviewing Inhouse Work
SEO Strategy Meetings
Advice & Training
Agencies Needing Help
Quick Implementation

Shopify SEO Client Results

I have a wealth of experience ranking Shopify based ecommerce websites, and you can browse some of my latest client results by clicking the button below.

I know the common issues that go on with Shopify, and I have helped countless clients overcome these challenges.

You can see some of my latest client SEO results by clicking the button below.

Ecommerce Manager | Sports Brand

We’re very impressed with Matts work, after trying several different SEO companies we were starting to give up on the idea as we were getting no results for our money. After Matt took control of the project our rankings started to improve dramatically and have increased ever since.

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Shopify SEO FAQ’s

What does a typical Shopify SEO service look like?

I get this question a lot, so here is an average SEO breakdown for a website over a 6 – 12 month period:

  • Month 1: SEO Audit & Opportunity Report – this report outlines all of the technical, on page, user experience, and link building problems, gaps and opportunities. Delivered in full, with relevant accompanying documents.
  • Month 2: Implementing Technical & On page changes –  the next stage is to put into action the recommendations made in month 1. This can involve collaborations with your development team where appropriate. This may extend into month 3 if there are a lot of changes / your budget doesn’t allow for full implementation.
  • Month 3 – 12: Links, Supplemental Content & Ongoing On Page – the next stage is to build the domain authority of the site, by soliciting authority and niche relevant inbound links for all of the relevant pages. This period will also include creating supplemental content around your topic, to help capture higher funnel traffic. There will also be monitoring and fine tuning of the on page to generate the best results possible.

How much does a typical Shopify SEO service cost?

I tend to work with 3 tiers, from £450, £900, and £1,800 per month – obviously the recommended range will depend on the size of your site and the competitiveness / scale of your industry and goals.

For consulting services, I offer an hourly rate service for implementation or strategy discussions.

Is Shopify Good for SEO?

I think that Shopify is setup well for SEO with a few slight tweaks, and it can rank for very competitive keywords when optimisation is done correctly.

However large Shopify sites can soon be heavily penalised through the Panda algorithm if they don’t fix the key technical issues that the CMS has.

What’s the best Shopify SEO app?

I’m a big fan of the Sitemap & Noindex Manager Shopify app, which gives loads of useful options for managing the technical SEO elements on the website. I also like WEGLOT for HREFLANG and translations (International SEO).

Why choose a Shopify SEO expert?

The benefits of hiring me as your Shopify SEO expert are many, including:

  • Experienced professional who gets real results.
  • Better value than a Shopify SEO agency / company.
  • Flexible working relationship.
  • Adjust services for your budget and timeline requirements.
  • Experience ranking in highly competitive industries.

I can be you long term digital marketing partner, helping you to grow your Shopify store through SEO, over a period of years.

Contact me today for a free quote.

Last Updated on May 14, 2021

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