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I’ve been in ecommerce SEO for over 10 years, and over that time I’ve helped a wide range of businesses tackle SEO challenges of all sizes and complexities.

Whether you’re an eCommerce store owner looking for SEO growth, or you’ve got a small technical problem that you need help with, I have a service for you.

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    E-commerce SEO expert, with over 10 years of full-time experience analyzing and fixing online shopping websites. Hands-on experience with Shopify, WordPress, Opencart, Magento, and other CMS.
    Need SEO help? Email me for more info, at info@matt-jackson.com

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    Cutting-Edge Ecommerce SEO for an Ever Evolving Algorithm

    SEO changes all the time. To keep up with these changes, you have to follow SEO news, attend conferences, pay for advanced SEO training, brainstorm future algorithm shifts, and learn new technical skills.

    As an independent SEO consultant, I invest a lot of time and money each year into SEO courses, conferences, and groups, to ensure the recommendations I make are up to date and effective.

    SEO Reviews & Results

    I have a decade of experience in SEO, but don’t just take my word for it, see my latest reviews below.

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    Types of SEO Services I Offer

    Below are some of the types of ecommerce SEO services I offer.

    SEO Audits

    Perfect for those who want to do their own SEO, but need some guidance.

    Also appropriate if you’ve suffered from a drop in traffic or a Google penalty.

    Learn more about my SEO audit service here.

    Monthly SEO Services

    Best for those looking for consistent growth, with a hands-off service.

    Long term focus, monthly reporting based on business goals.

    Learn more about my monthly SEO services here.

    International SEO

    Ideal if you’re struggling with the technical implementation of HREFLANG tags.

    I can help with both strategy, bug fixing, and implementation.

    Learn more about my international SEO services here.

    Hourly SEO Consulting

    Best for those with a specific problem, or a smaller budget.

    I can work by the hour until your SEO issue is fixed.

    Learn more about my hourly SEO consulting here.

    Keyword Research & Site Structure

    Ideal for those starting a new website, or who need to re-organise a bad website setup.

    In-depth research into existing and new keywords, mapped to new or existing pages.

    Learn more about my keyword research services here.

    Need Help With Your SEO?

    If you need help, even if it’s a small question, contact me via email at info@matt-jackson.com or fill out the form below:

      Platform Specific SEO

      If your website is built on one of the following platforms, then you can visit a page dedicated to SEO for that platform below:


      Do you work by the hour or can you provide a project price?

      Yes I offer hourly SEO consulting, so you can pay by the hour until the project is finished. This is usually paid after the work is completed in pre-agreed blocks of time.

      How long does SEO take?

      SEO is a long term investment, and can take a long time to improve your traffic enough for you to see an ROI.

      However this is heavily dependant on how authoritative your website is, the competitiveness of your industry, and the budget you have to invest.

      It’s very difficult to say without a thorough anlaysis of your website and the market.

      That being said, most websites will see an increase in clicks within 1-2 months of implementing SEO best practices.

      How soon can you book SEO work in?

      The ideal scenario is to book work in 1 month in advance. If you have an SEO emergency, then contact me to ask about an earlier slot, and I may be able to move a few projects around to accommodate you.

      Do you have fixed term contracts with your SEO services?

      No I don’t use fixed term contracts to offer SEO services. I prefer the results to do the talking. And it allows you to be flexible with your marketing budget, which is important for fast growing small-medium sized businesses.

      Do I need to transfer my website to you?

      No you can retain full control of your website as it is now, and I can work with your current development team or external agencies.

      Do you offer hourly SEO consulting?

      Yes I offer hourly SEO consulting, which can be useful for those who have a specific problem they want to fix, or a smaller budget where they want to fix the problem themselves.

      What's included in your SEO reports?

      In monthly SEO reports, you will receive a word document detailing the tasks completed, as well as an overview of the progress in traffic from Google Search Console, and commentary on your target keyword rankings.

      You will also receive a keyword rank tracking spreadsheet, tracking long term keyword movement with benchmarks to understand how the project is performing.

      How long does Ecommerce SEO take to improve my rankings?

      SEO progress is very difficult to predict, as there are so many variables involved it makes it almost impossible to apply a fixed time period without analysing the site and industry.

      The main factors are:

      • Industry competitiveness – how many other companies are investing heavily in SEO services.
      • Website authority – if your website has a lot of historical authority, SEO results usually happen more quickly.
      • Budget – the more money you have to throw at the problem, the faster it usually goes.
      • Technical constraints – sometimes there are difficult technical constraints to a project that make it difficult to implement changes.

      In general, SEO results can appear within the first 1-2 months for easy keywords, or where there were simple changes holding the site back from rankings. However the best measure of an SEO campaign is to look over a 6-12-18 month period.

      What's special about ecommerce SEO?

      There are lots of unique elements to ecommerce SEO which differ from a traditional blog or portfolio website, including:

      • Large number of pages – ecommerce sites tend to have a much larger number of pages, making technical and templated issues even more important to fix.
      • Faceted navigation (aka product filters) – filters on your category page can often cause an exponential amount of urls to be indexed, which can cause website penalties related to the quality score (Google Panda).
      • Schema.org/Rich Snippets – with the commercial intent of ecommerce websites, rich snippets are even more important, generated using proper schema.org code.
      • Keyword research – the obvious keyword isn’t always the correct one for ecommerce, as the intent of a search results page can be informational, and so you may sometimes be best adjusting titles and optimisation for the “buy” variant of a keyword.

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      SEO Tutorials

      Prefer to DIY? Browse my SEO tutorials below:

      Advanced SEO Tools

      (with more too cutting edge to list publicly)

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      You can also email me (info@matt-jackson.com) or call +44 1392 58 1669

      Last Updated on April 10, 2024

      E-commerce SEO expert, with over 10 years of full-time experience analyzing and fixing online shopping websites. Hands-on experience with Shopify, WordPress, Opencart, Magento, and other CMS.
      Need SEO help? Email me for more info, at info@matt-jackson.com