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Matt Jackson

Matt Jackson, ecommerce SEO expert.

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SEO changes constantly.

Results 2 years ago are no guarantee of a strategy that works now.

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Ecommerce SEO Service Reviews

Ecommerce SEO Services
from Ecommerce SEO Consultant Matt Jackson

My proven ecommerce SEO services will drive your business growth through 2021 and beyond.

My services are suitable for both small businesses and large alike.

I serve clients in the UK, Europe, USA and beyond.

You can see the latest results I’ve achieved from my SEO services below:

Advanced Tools Used in My Ecommerce SEO Services

(with more too cutting edge to list publicly)

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Why Choose My Ecommerce SEO Services?

1. Specialist – 99% of my SEO projects are ecommerce.

2. Experience – Over 8 years of practical SEO experience with all ecommerce CMS.

3. Agile – I adapt my processes constantly with Google updates, without needing to train a team.

4. Value – No high overheads of staff/offices, more money invested into your SEO campaign.

5. Long Term Focus – Aiming to consistently provide revenue growth over years, not months.

6. Retain Control – you don’t need to transfer the website to me, all improvements can be done externally.

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My Ecommerce SEO Service Process

1. Technical Audits – Strong Foundations

Controlling what Google indexes and crawls, and fixing any problems.

Particularly important in ecommerce, where faceted navigation can create infinite crawl black holes, causing Panda penalty and keyword cannibalization related issues.

2. Keyword Research, Mapping & Topic Clustering

Keyword research isn’t as easy as plugging a word into a tool.

It involves understanding what Google’s AI has determined is a unique topic, identifying areas for sub-topics, and mapping these out for a long term content plan.

3. NLP Backed On Page Optimisation to Tackle BERT

Using NLP AI to mimic the way BERT understands topical relevance, optimising pages for both bots and users.

Including crafting titles for CTR, and understanding page topic for user intent.

4. Off Site, Links, & Entity Optimisation

Google uses off site signals to determine the trustworthyness and authority of a specific entity (aka your website/company).

I work to build relevance, strength, and positive sentiment for clients, resulting in higher rankings that will last.

This involves link building, and entity clustering, narrative influence, and more.

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Ecommerce SEO Services – Choose What You Need

Monthly SEO Services (most popular)

Best for consistent growth & simplicity.

For brands that want a hands off approach to SEO, letting me take the reigns.

I’ll work on your campaign monthly, implementing changes directly into your CMS, and reporting progress along the way.

This will take the site through all the stages of Technical, Keyword Research, On Page, and Off Page.

SEO Audits

Best for New Sites, DIY or Penalties.

If you want to self manage your SEO, but you feel your approach needs to be updated, then an SEO audit is perfect.

It can be used to refine your strategy, and get you moving in the right direction.

It’s also appropriate if you’ve recently had a site penalty, and want to uncover the reasons why.

And finally it’s perfect for new sites, where you may not have the budget for ongoing services until later in your growth curve.

International SEO & HREFLANG

HREFLANG implementation is one of the hardest aspects of technical SEO, which is why the web is littered with support and forum requests on the topic.

Many of the apps to automate it do it badly, and developers doing custom code often make mistakes.

I can help guide you through the international SEO process, helping you rank the appropriate version of a site in different locations.

Site Migrations

Site migrations are messy, and can destroy your SEO if you don’t know what you’re doing.

I’ve helped many sites successfully migrate to new domains and new platforms, helping them to address both the technical and content aspect of the migrations.

You can scale a service to fit how much help you need.

Hourly SEO Consulting

Best for specific SEO problems, or micro budgets.

If you know exactly what your problem is and just want an extra pair of eyes, then my hourly consulting is perfect for this.

It can also be used to answer SEO questions if you only have a small budget.

Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis & Content Mapping

Sites of all sizes often find it hard to understand where to focus.

Existing sites can often feel like they’ve “covered it all”, but may find they’ve duplicated a topic too many times (causing cannibalisation issues).

This service is designed to create a complete map of keywords in your space, map topics to existing/new pages, and identify topic duplication.

This can help owners and managers better understand where their site is at, and what they should focus on.

Core Web Vitals

Essential for the page speed algorithm update 2021.

If you’re website is failing Core Web Vitals, then you’re going to be penalised in 2021.

I can help you achieve better scores to minimise the damage this update will cause.

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Reviews and Results

Don’t just take my word for it, I have proof of the success I achieve for ecommerce clients.

Click here to see my latest reviews.

Click here to see my latest results.

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Results Driven

I feed of client results. It’s all I care about. See some of the latest results by clicking the button below.

Matt Jackson

Ecommerce SEO specialist, with over 8 years of full time experience analysing and fixing online shopping websites. Hands on experience with Shopify, Wordpress, Opencart, Magento, and others CMS.
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Ecommerce SEO Strategy

SEO for your e-commerce website post-build phase is very important. I can devise and execute ecommerce SEO to stimulate brand awareness and sales, helping to grow the traffic to your online store. I offer a specialist set of consulting services, to help get your website or your client’s website ranking properly in search engines.

SEO services for ecommerce websites is my speciality, including Shopify, WordPress/Woocommerce, Opencart, Magento, and other customer CMS types.

You expect a level of professionalism from e-commerce SEO services, and that’s why I maintain a changelog of website edits, and communication as we go forward.

E-commerce is a different game from traditional SEO services, with a lot of highly technical elements that scale across the whole site, that can create massive problems in themselves, and so vary greatly from lead generation SEO services.

SEO Strategy for Ecommerce SEO Campaigns

As part of your overall digital marketing strategy, your SEO strategy should be focused on generating long term value. Usually with ecommerce this is a focus on profitable sales.

Whilst sales rely a lot on your conversion rate, SEO can have a big impact, by making sure it focuses on keywords that are appropriate for your product mix.

Category Page Optimisation

Category pages are the main traffic drivers for most ecommerce websites. They aim to target the shorter commercial terms, often with higher competition.

It’s important to match the user experience of your category pages to the SERP, which means analysing if people want to navigate to sub-types, or filter a large product list.

Product Page Optimisation

Product page optimisation includes keyword targeting, usually a singular term, and making sure both the product title, meta description, image, and content is optimised for this terms. It also involves structuring the internal links to boost the page too.

Backlinks Boost Authority

Backlinks (links from other websites) can help to improve your rankings for all keywords. I focus on generating backlinks that are relevant to your industry, from sites that have a strong amount of Google traffic.

Best Alternative to an Ecommerce SEO Agency, SEO Company, or Marketing Agency

When you’re running an ecommerce business, you want to be able to scale your revenue effectively. Larger agencies have very large overheads, which means that a medium sized budget is often absorbed with setup/running costs, without much left to spend on the actual SEO work.

I on the other hand operate a lean service, where 100% of your budget is focused on the tasks that make your website rank better.
You can see plenty of case studies on my site that show the power of my services.

Content Marketing for Long Tail Keywords and High Funnel Organic Search Growth

Targeting longer tail keywords with new landing pages that are easier to rank, helps both to build the relevance of your site for the main terms, and can bring in sales through these new potential customers, and improve your bottom line. That’s the power of content creation at scale.

All Ecommerce Platforms Served

I have experience ranking all the major ecommerce platforms, and many lesser known platforms. These include WordPress/Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento, Opencart, and more.

General Digital Marketing Strategy

I do not offer PPC campaigns, but I do advise customers use PPC to drive traffic to landing pages. I also advise customers use social media marketing to drive social referral traffic to their websites.

My SEO Background

I first worked as an in-house SEO, building a companies ecommerce portfolio from scratch. I then branched out on my own, and I’ve gone from strength to strength. I have plenty of evidence for my SEO performance online, helping startups to established companies succeed. I improve the visibility of websites every day, from e-commerce sites, to local sites, to general blogs, and anyone else looking to rank in the search results, converting your visitors into buyers.

I’ve learnt my SEO expertise from a mixture of expensive training, conferences, and real world testing, without the need for a large SEO team, helping me become and ecommerce SEO expert.

SEO Glossary

  • SERP – search engine results page.
  • SEO – search engine optimisation.
  • Target Audience – the customers you want to see your offer.
  • Web design – editing or creating a website.
  • Internal links – links going from a page on your site, to another page on your site.
  • Social Media – any website where user interaction is the main focus, such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.
  • Converion Rate Optimisation – the process of testing different website elements and content to increase the amount of people who convert.
  • Keywords – these are the terms people search in Google. Usually SEO focuses on relevant keywords to your product or service type.
  • PPC – PPC usually refers to Google Ads/Google Adwords (the paid part of Google search), but there is also social ppc such as Facebook or Instagram ads.