Expert SEO Audits & Search Opportunity Reports

Over the years, a whole range of people and companies have requested SEO audits from me.

These tend to be in the ecommerce space (where I am most experienced) however they range from affiliate sites to local businesses too.

How can an audit help you?

  • Identify SEO solutions to bring more traffic quickly.
  • Diagnose reasons behind traffic drops / Google penalties.
  • Maximise new website SEO performance.

Who is an audit for?

  • Companies looking to improve their SEO to increase sales.
  • Marketing agencies looking for ecommerce specific help for their client.
  • Individuals looking to improve the SEO for their own websites.

What results can you expect from my SEO audit service?

  • Technical fixes can see traffic spike as soon as Google indexes the changes (often a matter of days).
  • On page can also create these drastic increases, particularly with missing keywords on existing sites.
  • Usability and Link changes often see gradual improvements over months.

You can see my updates clients results page here for more examples.


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What information is included in the audit?

Technical SEO

  • What – the code level view that Google has of the site.
  • Coverage – can Google crawl the site (read the information), can Google index the site (the right versions and not the wrong pages), etc.
  • Why / Benefits – Often immediate, site wide ranking benefits because templated sites often replicate problems across all pages.

On Page SEO & Site Structure

  • What – The way the website has been optimised, linked together, and structured.
  • Coverage –  Keyword research and gap analysis, duplicate content off and on site, internal linking structure analysis, implementation, quick wins analysis.
  • Why / Benefits – Highlighting missing on page elements can lead to quick traffic improvements with specific changes, corrections can lead to increased CTR on existing rankings (so immediate traffic improvements also), Quick wins show keywords almost on page 1, that with slight adjustments can move to traffic generating positions.


  • What – Testing how well the website works.
  • Coverage – User testing the checkout process on desktop, tablet and mobile, to identify blocks in conversion and bugs in layout.
  • Why / Benefits – Anything that makes visitors leave, not only costs you sales, but result in poor user metrics that Google uses in their ranking algorithm to demote bad websites.

Off Site Factors

  • WhatLinks pointing to the website from other websites and off site signals.
  • Coverage – Analysing existing links for problem domains and anchor text, identifying link building opportunities based off competitor research. Entity analysis, online reputation and consistency.
  • Why / BenefitsLinks are the number 1 ranking factor in Google, bad links can result in penalties that demote your website, if your competitors have good links that you don’t have then they have an advantage over you that you should work to fix. Your entity is how Google understands what your business is and how it’s connected.

The coverage listed here is a short summary of the broad range of checks involved in the audit.

How are audits delivered?

  • Audits are delivered in a series of word documents, and accompanying data files, compiled into a .zip file.
  • They are separated based on the areas of the audit (technical, on page, usability and links).
  • They detail each issue, the reason why it’s a problem, and an “Action step” which describes the way to fix it.
  • Screenshots are included where appropriate.
  • Checklists can be provided for each section for an extra fee.

What is required to start an audit?

To get started on an SEO audit for you, I will require the following:

  • Google Search Console and Google Analytics shared access.
  • A brief overview of your SEO activities for the past 18 months.
  • A list of any major changes made to the website over the last 18 months.
  • Historical rank tracking data (if available).
  • Any focus / customisations you require.

How can these audits be customised?

  • Hyper focused – if you think you have a specific area that needs improvement, I can focus more time on it during the audit.
  • Budget– the more detailed the audit, the greater budget required. If you’re unsure, then feel free to email me for some advice:
  • Implementation checklists – if you would like an implementation checklist created for each aspect of the audit, this can be produced for an extra fee.
  • NDA – I’m happy to sign an NDA to ensure your privacy.

What is the turn around time for your audits?

Audits tend to be delivered within 2 weeks.

We can agree this when you contact me.

How much do your audits cost?

  • There is no “typical audit” as every site has a historical record of changes that create unique problems.
  • A typical audit costs in the region of £750, depending greatly on the size of the site and number of countries targeted.
  • Your best bet is to email me with your site url so I can give you a rough estimation:

How to get started?

To get started with an audit, send me a quick email with your website and general goals of an audit and we can go from there:

Last Updated on May 14, 2021

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