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I’m back in 2020 for another free SEO audit example!

These audits go into high level findings of a websites SEO issues, however these are a fraction of the checks that I offer in my SEO audit service.

This week it’s a Nutritional Supplements website built on Woocommerce (WordPress), with the USP of offering only Liquid Vitamins, and doing their own scientific testing.

The company name is NutriVitality.

Let’s get into it.

No Keyword Research – Missing Key USP Matching Opportunities

I mentioned previously that the USP of the company is partly Liquid Vitamins.

And so by doing some minute keyword research, I can see that Liquid Vitamins should be targeted by their homepage.

However the homepage is optimised for “Liposomal Vitamins”:

Page Title: Liposomal Vitamins, Minerals, Nutrients & Oils | Nutrivitality – A Better You, Every Day

H1: World-leading, liquid nutritional supplements.

We can look at the difference in search volume below:

liquid vitamins ahrefs data

This shows that “liquid vitamins” has over 10x the search volume of their other phrase.

SEO Fix 1: Re-optimise the homepage for the term “liquid vitamins”.

This lesson can also be applied to products too, and I will take their Zinc supplement as an example:

The current URL and Page title for the Zinc product is:


Page Title: Zinc | Nutrivitality Shop

But we can see from keyword research that the target phrase should be “Liquid Zinc”:

liquid zinc ahrefs keyword data

SEO Fix 2: Optimise product pages for their Liquid variations (using keyword research for each).

Shop Hosted on Sub-Domain – Not Benefiting From Main Domain Authority

The ecommerce products of the site are hosted in a Shop subdomain of the site.

This is a problem because the majority of the links will be going to the main domain name (www.) and so the Shop pages will not benefit directly from this authority, resulting in poorer overall rankings.

To fix this, I suggest migrating the shop. sub-domain to the main www. domain – they are both built on WordPress so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

If they need to be on separate installations because of technical reasons, then you can host it at

SEO Fix 3: Migrate the Woocommerce shop onto the main domain.

Lack of DoFollow Inbound Links

Links are still the biggest influence in Google rankings, and we can see by comparing the site with their major competitor Bio Care, that they have a significantly lower amount of dofollow inbound links than their competitor:

nutrivitality dofollow backlinks comparison

This can be solved through consistent link building campaigns and content marketing.

SEO Fix 4: Perform ongoing link building and content marketing.

Final Thoughts

It’s always good to see a company with a unique angle in a competitive niche, and I think Nutrivitality represents that well.

They have tonnes of great content on the site, with a whole section on science behind certain minerals, which represents great EAT for the health related industry they’re in.

However without proper keyword targeting and ongoing SEO services, they’re going to struggle to rank well in Google search.

You can browse my other SEO audit examples here.

If you need help with your SEO, then I offer effective services, you can see my latest client results here (regularly updated).

If you have any questions, you can email me or leave them in the comments.

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