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Your ecommerce SEO efforts will probably hinge on hosting speed.

Not to mention your actual conversions and sales.

So in this guide I will go over the best ecommerce hosting solutions out there.

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Fast Hosting Saves You Sales, SEO & Dev Time

Hosting is vitally important to site speed, which is imperative to your sales and SEO efforts.

If your site is slow, people will leave, which means they won’t buy.

You will already have heard of the classic stat about Amazon: “every second of load time costs them $1.6 billion a year in sales”.

And even if the value of your loss is lower, the percentage will be in the same region.

But why else?

Well for every person who is working on the site, every second turns into wasted progress. Whether you’re doing it yourself or paying someone to do it, slow hosting costs your time and money directly as well.

And with so many people now shopping on a mobile phone, having a fast site is even more important, because internet connectivity can be worse via mobiles not on wifi networks.

What Makes A Good Ecommerce Hosting Provider?

The first point to address is – never used shared hosting.

It doesn’t matter how “early” you think your ecommerce site is, if you choose cheap shared hosting you sacrifice all of your initial work for average results.

Your SEO gains will be hampered, your conversions will be reduced, and your project will generally gain less momentum as a result.

Get fast VPS hosting from the start, no excuses.

Saying that, here is what makes a hosting company good for you:


From my personal experience, ecommerce CMS tend to use a large amount of CPU, and therefore you want to have at least 2 Cores (2 CPU+) on your VPS hosting.

Your specific hardware will depend on the amount of products you have, and how much traffic you experience.


A good ecommerce hosting provider should have immaculate support. Anything that goes wrong will cost you money, and so it’s essential to choose a hosting provider that you can contact to get problems solved fast.

You should also be choosing hosting that offers site backups. If you website breaks half way through the day, and you don’t have a record of orders taken throughout that period, how would you go about retrieving that info?

Multiple daily database backups are essential, with file backups probably adequate for every couple of days.

Best UK Hosting Provider – Nimbus

Nimbus hosting logoNimbus is a fantastic UK based provider.

All of their STORM packages comes with 4 cores, making the hosting very fast, and able to handle Woocommerce and Magento CMS.

Their support is fast and reliable, and they provide a backups service. Prices start at £30 per month.

Click here to browse their packages.

Best USA Hosting Provider – Hostwinds

Hostwinds offer a new SSD VPS service that’s a fantastic way for ecommerce sites to grow with their traffic.

Their USA support service is good, and they include backups for free on their SSD cloud service.

You can sign up for Hostwinds here.

A Note on Hosted Ecommerce Solutions

There are a few solutions out there that are designed to take the technical element out of setting up an ecommerce store.

Shopify is the main one that springs to mind.

However I would be wary of setting up a store on one of these platforms, particularly if you’re looking to rank within Google.

I have seen significantly worse crawl rates from Shopify stores when transferring them over from something like Woocommerce on VPS hosting, suggesting that the hosting is either slow, the sites aren’t as well structured and coded, or a combination of both.

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