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What is SEO?

SEO is the process of affecting a websites ranking in the list of a search engine’s unpaid results, known as the “natural” or “organic” listings.

The earlier your website is in the list, the more visitors you will receive.

SEO is comprised of many different areas, including but not limited to:

  • Technical SEO – the code the website is built with, page loading times, etc.
  • On page SEO – the keywords used, the layout of the page, markup, etc.
  • User experience – how long a user stays on your site, the bounce rate, etc.
  • Off page SEO – what other websites say about you, including links, social shares, online reviews, and mentions of your brand name.

Search Engines Popularity

Google is the most popular search engine in the west, with Bing and Yahoo coming 2nd and 3rd. In Russia, Yandex has the most users, and in China the main search engine is Baidu.

You Can Learn SEO

It’s logical, and can be done for free, or a very small budget by yourself.

The following guides will help you become familiar with the basics of SEO:

The following articles are more advanced tactics:

The following places are where to stay up to date with current SEO tactics:

Purchasing SEO Services

The quick answer is Yes you can buy SEO services, but be very careful who you trust with your businesses online future.

Key things to watch out for when purchasing search marketing services:

  • They should never immediately quote a price without some time to review Google.
  • They should have thoroughly researched your industry.
  • They should tailor a campaign to your needs and goals.
  • They should mention all the areas of SEO, including on page, off page, user experience and social signals.
  • Are they offering a very fast solution? Be wary.
  • They should have a plant for after you rank.
  • They should explain things in terms you can understand without waffling.
  • They should be working as a legitimate business.
  • They should require you to sign a formal agreement or contract.

SEO Costs

The costs are variable, and are very dependent on your business goals, and how competitive the industry you’re targeting is on Google, Bing or Yahoo.

However there are various consistencies in SEO campaigns, which will make up some of the final cost:

  • Creating content – writing good website copy takes time, and is essential if you’re trying to rank for competitive keywords, or want to outreach for links.
  • Optimising website code – this can be quick or difficult depending on the software your website was built with.
  • Editing exiting pages meta information.
  • Incorporating markup where relevant to your pages.
  • Creating and optimising social media and location profiles.
  • Contacting relevant websites to earn links.
  • Creating social campaigns to drive buzz around your brand.
  • Performing split tests on your website to increase user friendliness.

But of course the scale of each of these costs will have to be tailored to your budget and requirements.

Is SEO right for your business?

This will depend on your end goal, but in essence, if the answer to “do any of my potential customers search online for my product or service?” is Yes, then you can benefit from SEO.

The most common types of businesses that benefit from SEO are:

  • Local Businesses (local SEO), such as Plumbers, Roofers, Electricians, Builders, Garden Centres, Locksmiths, and Gardeners.
  • Professional Services, such as Lawyers, Accountants, Business Consultants and Advertising Agencies.
  • Online shops (E-commerce SEO), who offer products for home delivery or via downloads.
  • Magazines and newspaper outlets.
  • Bloggers and personal coaches.

If your business falls into one of these categories, you may be eligible for our SEO services.

Types of SEO Professionals

There are many different forms of SEO professional, and depending on your goals you may want to alter your search to the most appropriate one.

  • SEO expert: Ideal for businesses starting out with online projects, often more flexible than larger companies.
  • SEO agency/company: A larger outfit with multiple employees, useful for handling large projects with larger budgets, that require a lot of coordination.
  • SEO consultant: A more hands off approach, best for when you have a capable in-house team who need guidance on their ongoing online strategy.

What next with SEO?

If you’re interested in services to help increase your websites rankings in search engines, then you can email me ( to see if we can help you.

You can also view our latest articles on SEO, including potential future changes with the Google algorithm, at our SEO blog.

Is location important in SEO?

It definitely is important for the SEO of a local business, as it affects various things to do with Google, including Google maps.

We offer SEO services to the following locations in the UK:

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