Ecommerce SEO Checklist for 2018

Sometimes a step by step checklist is just what you need. That's why I created this ecommerce SEO checklist, a quick way of making sure you've "covered everything" in your audit. Each section is outlined with steps + links for…

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The Best Opencart Extensions for SEO

Opencart out of the box is pretty bad for SEO. Urls aren't optimised, canonical links are wrong, and filters can create big problems! And while you could customise each feature by hand, buying an extension will save you time and…

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Ecommerce Site Structure, Urls & Topics

Structuring an ecommerce website should be easy right? Just take all of your product categories, make a page for each, add the products to each one, and you're done... Well not exactly. Common issues such as keyword cannibalisation can occur…

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Fixing Woocommerce Urls for Better SEO

Let's be honest, Woocommerce default product and category urls SUCK! Am I right or what? Anyway there's a simple solution that's 100% automatic, and removes the /product-category and /product/ parts of the woocommerce permalinks. PLUS it gives you the option…

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Index Your Sitemap In Google

Index a Sitemap

How to index a sitemap in Google without entering their Search Console The mainstream understanding is that there are only two ways to index your website in Google, via a sitemap submission, or a Fetch as Google request (both found…

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How To Add Canonicals In Opencart

Opencart Canonicals & Duplicate Content

Opencart has a lot of duplicate content, and adding canonical urls can be a great option to improve your SEO. However Opencart doesn't make this easy by default, so we will have to make some changes, or use the FREE VQMOD to add them in and avoid the dreaded Google Panda penalty!
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