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To make text bold in HTML, you can use the  tag. The  tag will make text appear bolded when viewed in a web browser.

Using Bold HTML Tags to Differentiate Text

Using HTML bold tags to differentiate text can be a powerful tool for website designers. Bold tags allow text to be highlighted and draw attention to important information. Furthermore, they can even increase readability by making text easier to scan.Many web designers argue that bold tags should be used sparingly and in moderation, as too much bold or text with a high emphasis could be disruptive to the overall design of the page or project. However, it can also be argued that when used correctly, bold tags can draw attention to concepts and information that would otherwise get lost in the shuffle.For example, a website about nature conservancy might want to emphasise their mission statement or conservation values near the top of their page. By using bold tags correctly, they can ensure that the important information stands out and creates a memorable impression on visitors who may not have time to read through the entire page of content.Ultimately, it is up to the application of each individual designer’s personal style and judgement when determining how they will use bold html tags on each particular project. With care and discretion, bold html tags can serve an invaluable purpose in helping differentiate important text from other body content.By taking into consideration how these techniques are best applied and utilised, we can transition into discussing how specifically the  tag can actually be applied create bold text designs.

Last Updated on March 21, 2023

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