Shopify seo service example 2019
This is the result of a technical SEO fix in June 2019, as you can see the increased impressions and clicks from Google are almost instant.

Experienced Shopify SEO Consultant

I know all of the common pitfalls when it comes to Shopify SEO, and will help you find them, and fix them for you if you wish.

My Shopify SEO services include:

  1. SEO audits – identify problems with your Shopify website, and deliver the findings with advice.
  2. SEO services – identify and implement changes directly onto your Shopify store.
  3. Shopify migration services – helping you to migrate from an old CMS onto the Shopify platform.
  4. International Shopify SEO – helping with HREFLANG implementation across the same/multiple stores.

If you need anything not listed above, then email me at [email protected]

Common Shopify SEO Problems

There are some classic issues that Shopify has from an SEO perspective right “out of the box”.

I actually wrote a blog post on them, that you can read here: Shopify SEO Tips

Shopify SEO Results

What results can you expect from Shopify SEO services? Well, the sky really is the limit!

It’s the same as normal SEO, and so is based on a whole host of factors, including inbound links, domain age, content quality, market fit, user experience, and technical SEO factors.

You can see some of my updated client results on my main results page here.

If you would like an estimation on the results you should expect from your budget, then email me at [email protected]

What does a typical Shopify SEO service look like?

I get this question a lot, so here is an average SEO breakdown for a website over a 6 – 12 month period:

  • Month 1: SEO Audit & Opportunity Report – this report outlines all of the technical, on page, user experience, and link building problems, gaps and opportunities. Delivered in full, with relevant accompanying documents.
  • Month 2: Implementing Technical & On page changes –  the next stage is to put into action the recommendations made in month 1. This can involve collaborations with your development team where appropriate. This may extend into month 3 if there are a lot of changes / your budget doesn’t allow for full implementation.
  • Month 3 – 12: Links, Supplemental Content & Ongoing On Page – the next stage is to build the domain authority of the site, by soliciting authority and niche relevant inbound links for all of the relevant pages. This period will also include creating supplemental content around your topic, to help capture higher funnel traffic. There will also be monitoring and fine tuning of the on page to generate the best results possible.

How much does a typical Shopify SEO service cost?

I tend to work with 3 tiers, from £450, £900, and £1,800 per month – obviously the recommended range will depend on the size of your site and the competitiveness / scale of your industry and goals.

For consulting services, I offer an hourly rate service for implementation or strategy discussions.

How do I get started with your services?

Just email me the details of your site and what you want to achieve, and we can go from there: [email protected]

I look forward to helping you achieve great results.