Last updated: 26/02/2020

Here are the open and public reviews that my clients have left me over the last few years for my ecommerce SEO services.

Many choose not to (in order to remain private) and so I also share anonoymous SEO results here as additional proof.

Matt’s SEO Service Reviews

Rated 5/5 from 20 reviews across the web.

Main Google My Business Reviews (click to see all)

Andy C (aka: Supercar Savers, owner of SEO Leaders) – 2019

My company (SEO Leaders) works with Matt on a wide variety of different website projects on an ongoing basis. He has always been a reliable and very competent web professional. He is my go to guy for large ecommerce audits and wide ranging ecommerce SEO projects.

He is very reliable and proves to be an efficient user of project time (and therefore budget!). Matt has been in the SEO industry full time for approaching ten years and is a frequent traveller to partake in a variety of cutting edge seo conferences around the world.

This kind of dedication and cutting edge knowledge (what works NOW) is a rare thing in our industry and Matt hones his craft continually. As a result he is a valuable asset to my companies SEO function and I look forward to continuing to work with Matt for many years to come on an ever growing range of projects.

Notore Bolsas Femininas (SEO Services, Brazil) – 2019

Lots of skill and knowledge about SEO. Highly recommended!

Andy Cockayne – 2019

I have worked with Matt on a number of SEO related projects and have found his knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm to be second to none.

Mark L – 2019

Great ROI, impressive results even for pretty competitive keywords, highly recommended.

Paul Garbett – 2019

Matt helped us get setup with a new website and he was really good to work with.

Mark Edlington – 2019

We’re very impressed with Matts work, after trying several different SEO companies we were starting to give up on the idea as we were getting no results for our money. After Matt took control of the project our rankings started to improve dramatically and have increased ever since. He now has us ranking in the number 1 spot for many of our preferred key words.

We would definitely recommend Matt to other companies.

Dave Cook (SEO audit, Australia) – 2019

We are very happy with the support and service Matt Jackson supplied us, we were after an SEO expert to help us with some problems we were facing with our current website. He helped us improve our overall google ranking and user functionality. Thanks Matt appreciate your expert seo help and advice.

Valdor Tammepuu (SEO services, Eastern Europe) – 2019

We have been working for approximately three years together now, and the work has been very productive.

We can clearly see what we are paying for. Every dollar paid to Mr. Jackson has great ROI. Great professional!

Ben Bleasdale – 2019

Ive worked with Matt on numerous occasions. His in-depth knowledge of SEO has helped me out a lot on many projects. I highly recommend him.

London Google My Business Reviews (click to see all)

John (London) – Feb, 2020

We contacted Matt for the first time to help us out with a niche issue we were having with a website. He was super quick to respond and from the first email he helped steer us in the right direction. Through email and Skype calls we got the problem resolved with Matt’s invaluable help. While Matt added insight to help solve the problem he was also honest enough to admit which areas were not in his specialist skill set which definitely helps to create confidence. I’m sure we’ll be working with Matt again in the future.

Sheffield Google My Business Reviews (click to see all)

Matt Bellisimo (Sheffield) – 2019

Matt is extremely knowledgeable and help our business achieve excellent SEO results. Many thanks for your help!

Jernej Kriznar (SEO consulting) – 2019

These are the guys to go with if you want to improve you rankings in the Sheffield area! They were extremely helpful and showed me the complete progress of my site! 5 STAR guaranteed 🙂

Daniel Pedersen – 2018

Matt is not only extremely knowledgeable when it comes to both on- and off-page SEO, he’s also an all around nice guy, who genuinely wants to help others. You can’t go wrong with working together with him.

David Crossan – 2018

Used only once for a project. Got great results. Great work guys.

Trustpilot Reviews

ML (UK) 11/05/2020

I approached Matt for help with SEO on my ecommerce site because I needed to increase visitor numbers and doing SEO on my own was not getting me anywhere. Matt helpfully identified the best keywords to target and tailored a plan for me while explaning the reasoning behind it. It was good learning experience and I’m already seeing results.

David (Hampshire, GB) 19/09/2018

An excellent SEO company. They helped to audit one of my client sites to find out the specific local problems with it, and that helped us bounce back from a recent Google algorithm update. Highly recommended.

Yelp Reviews (Sheffield) – click to see all

BowmanL (Sheffield, GB) 29/01/2017

We were looking for advertising advice for our holiday lodges and approached Matt to help us His experience, knowledge and professional attitude, gave us confidence that we would move our business on to the next level I would recommend him to any company or individual looking for a straight forward conscientious approach to promoting their business.